Positive Psychology is the only virtue you need

Even a single session of Positive Psychology Counseling can re-initiate recovery in sufferings

What I Do

As a trained, qualified & experienced Clinical Psychologist registered with Rehabilitation Council of India, I have expertise in areas related to Psychology and mental health from Children and Adults, from Assessments to Interventions to Training to Rehabilitation.  A comprehensive setup by the name of PALS-We Are Help, I manage a team of Psychiatrist, Counselors, Psychologists and other allied professionals. I am a visiting consultant with BLK Super Specialty Hospital &Max Hospital.

I also do Marriage &Relationship counseling, also called couples therapy or couples’ counseling. It is a type of psychotherapy. This type of counseling helps couples of all types to explore, recognize, and resolve conflicts in an effort to improve their relationships and interactions. A scientific approach in an empathetic  manner is the key of therapy sessions. My prime focus is to protect the dignities of clients along with complete confidentiality.

Marriage Counseling

For the couples going through relationship conflicts in their marriages due to personality incompatibility, Extra-Marital Affairs, Family & Financial Issues, Work-Life balance, Poor communication or sexual issues. Even couples , who have a good marriage can be the part of counseling to enhance status of their marital-couple well being and to understand new domains of  the relationship.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Premarital counseling  helps couples prepare for marriage., for a healthier foundation for their union. It identifes potential areas of conflict in their  future relationship. It prevents small issues from escalating into serious concerns at some point in the future.

Need Advice?

Act now, before it is too late!!

Early Interventions have shown better results in all forms of therapies including marriage counseling. So if you feel the turbulence is going unmanageable, Act Now!

My Other Areas of Work

With me a team of Psychiatrist, Psychologist, counselors and special educators provide a wide range of services from positive psychology to abnormal psychology.

We do  Assessments , Psychological interventions, Rehabilitation work, workshops for professionals and webinars for corporates as well for patients and care givers.


“ Our relationship as a couple was a roller coaster ride . We were at the verge of break-up after a 3 years old marriage. But once we started therapy under Ms Deepali Batra, things started changing and my marraige was saved.  I thank her for being my Marriage Counselor ”

Ms Sunita

“ I went to Ms. Deepali from a reference and I’m more than satisfied to have chosen her as my therapist. She’s very considerate, understanding and professional.”

Dr Dipali Garg

“ I went to Ms. Deepali from a reference and I’m more than satisfied to have chosen her as my therapist. She’s very considerate, understanding and professional Marriage Counselor.”


“She is fantastic at her work. The sessions have helped us considerably. Quality of sessions is remarkable.They give you time as per your convenience and are flexible too if you are unable to attend. If you are looking forward to a good marriage counselor,this is your place, certainly.

Sumeena Sawhney

My Story

I am  a qualified, trained and experienced Clinical and Child Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Marriage Counselor & Corporate Trainer.  I am in practice  for about 15 years. I am registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). I am awarded with Best Performance in School Psychology Award in the year 2014 by Indian School Psychology Association and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Award in the year 2018 by Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist (IACP) .

In year 2020 I am awarded with “Outstanding Contributor in Mental Health Services” by World Mental Health Congress. The Event was organised by  World HRD Congress.

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