Sex after Baby birth

12 Ways To Excite Up Your Love Life & Sex After Baby Birth!!

Your eyes, my lips, your forehead…. She is not mine or yours, she’s ‘ours’! Becoming a parent can be the most beautiful feeling one can ever experience. It can be very exciting and a life changing experience. On the other hand, parenthood brings with itself a fair share of responsibilities and can be very demanding, emotionally as well as physically. Sex After Baby Birth is a big challenge !

In the process of being your best version as a parent, you and your partner may get involved in sex way too less than before. Though it is okay to give most of your time to your baby, but it is also important to prioritize your partner’s as well as your own needs. It can be difficult, yet necessary to ignite the sparks of love and bring back Sexcitement.

Read on to find out how to enliven your passion for sex post a delivery:

Delegate duties :

You can delegate some of the duties to other member of the family or a domestic helper to have ‘we time’ with your partner. At times, it is legitimate to postpone household chores for making time to get intimate with your partner and prioritising your own emotional needs.

Do not wait for bed

Since you are already tired of catering to the needs of your baby, you might fall asleep as soon as you lay on bed, so try having it on couch or sofa. Maybe you can sneak in to a place other than bed…. you can try sofa, couch, or even floor.

Show affection to each other

While the nights are sleepless and you have trying to adjust to the new life, it’s pretty natural to get frustrated and irritated. Try to support each other through this phase and tell your partner how much you appreciate what they are doing for you. It’s very important to show your affection towards each other even though you may not feel like during all the tiredness.

 Speed up Sex after baby birth

When you have shortage of time, you can speed up foreplay and use of your little time efficiently . Utilise your baby’s nap time. yes this might be the right time when you can work on bringing back your sexcitement.

Explore alternatives- Set-up a challenge

‘Set a Bet’ …..take up a 10-day for 20-day sex challenge with your partner. This will not only encourage you to do it every day but will also add spark. Sharing your fantasies over messages or call can help you keep in touch with your partner. Between partners , these tips can enhance interest in sex after baby birth.

Leave love notes

Since it is not always possible to have a full-blown session of sex after baby birth , you can still keep the flames of love burning by leaving reminders for your partner telling them how much you still need and love them.

Plan date nights

Amidst all the newborn mayhem, it’s very important to give time to your relationship while you get busy in your new life. Get a relative to look after your baby and make a point to go out for date nights with your partner on a regular basis. A good amount of companionship helps couple to able to have good love life and Sex after baby birth.

Beat the Biology

It’s natural for a new mum­­’s body to take a new shape which may not be very desirous…..but do not wait to get back in shape. Accept those stretch marks and get yourself going and frequently remind yourself weight will drop down by itself after some time.

Your hormones are having a roller coaster ride in your body leading your mood to oscillate like a pendulum. In that case, you can help yourself or your partner by consulting a professional or a therapist. A good sex life after baby birth is achievable.

Do not feel guilty

Making time for yourself and fulfilling your personal and emotional does not equal to neglecting your child. So, do not feel accusable for making time for yourself. You need love and care as much as your baby does.

Stay connected

Talk it up- Expressing your needs, telling them what and how you feel will help your partner know about your needs and also keep you in touch with their emotions.

Remember ‘us’. Indeed your baby is important, but so is your relationship! Your relationship should be in high in your priority list and then only you will be able to keep your relationship alive.

Set a routine for your child and self

Knowing your baby’s pattern or having a set routine for your child can ensure you have ample amount of time with your partner mostly every day.. Take nap- Keep yourself refreshed by getting enough sleep so that you’ve energy for sex.

Look at the silver lining

Did you ever need your partner as much as you did during this phase? Indeed during the initial days of your marriage when you are exploring your partner. Isn’t that exciting to see that your love is new as it was before! You can see it as an opportunity to explore your own and your partner’s body in a new way which is different from its usual, rote self.

Considering the fact that every situation or circumstance has a flip side to it, you can always see the birth of your baby as a way to reinvent or revive your relationship.

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