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7 practical suggestions to improve self confidence from a Psychologist

confidence is defined as simply believing in oneself. self confidence has been studied extensively and Psychologists play a vital role in helping people improve self-confidence.

Psychology Dictionary Online defines self-confidence as an individual’s trust in his or her own abilities, capacities, and judgments, or belief that he or she can successfully face day to day challenges and demands (Psychology Dictionary Online).

As reported by Psychologists, when an individual’s self-confidence is high, he/she has better coping to stress and anxiety and a Persons whose self confidence is low may perceive the environment as threatening and may be unable to perform. People with low self-confidence see world as an unfriendly place and may feel used, rejected and see themselves as a victim.

There are various factors that can have a significant role in influencing one’s self confidence. Most of them are past negative experiences from the environment from their childhood or adulthood. With such repeated negative experience they start having a doubt on themselves and their abilities.

As per studies by Psychologist there is a strong relationship between self-confidence and mental health. People with high self-confidence have positive mental health and vice-versa. Visiting a Psychologist improves self-confidence as the therapist will help you identify and explore yourself.

Though it may be challenging to improve one’s self-confidence, but with repeated efforts one can do that.

Deepali Batra, Sr. Clinical Psychologist suggests the following tips to improve self-confidence:

Explore what you are good at

improve confidence by best psychologist in delhi
explore self

People with low self-confidence think that they are good at nothing. As an individual you need to explore your talents and core strengths. May be you are good in sports, cooking, playing an instrument etc. Find opportunities to know yourself more and that will help you gain self-confidence.

Look at the situations objectively

improve confidence by best clinical psychologist in delhi
See Objectively

A Psychologist would help you to try to avoid giving an emotional reaction to a situation, instead see them in a logical perspective. If you are not able to perform at the current job on a particular day, then avoid giving generalized statements like “I never do well” or “I am always a failure”. Reassure yourself by looking back at your past positive experiences and performance.

Accept compliments & appreciation

improve confidence by best psychiatrist in delhi
Accept Compliments

Receiving acknowledgement with grace and an open mind helps in increasing self-confidence. People with low self-confidence feel awkward, when anyone tries to praise or compliment them in any given situation, which makes them more resistant to receive it. Practice accepting compliments in a positive manner by saying “thank you” and remind yourself that you are worth it.

Avoid Self-Criticism

improve confidence by best psychologist in delhi

As reported by Psychologists people with low self confidence, have a habit of finding faults in self. They keep blaming themselves and make the self-responsible for anything bad that happens to them. Treat yourself with kindness and self-compassion. Do not blame yourself for things that are not in your control. So avoid judging and evaluating yourself negatively all the time. Imagine you have to go for a job interview and if you keep telling yourself that “i can’t make it”, “i will forget everything I have to say”, I look awkward”, then these statements will increase your anxiety & self-doubt. So try to have kind attitude towards yourself.

Engaging in positive self talk will help to improve self-confidence

improve confidence by best psychiatrist in delhi
Positive Self Talk

Our words make our thinking is a popular saying by most Psychologist. Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Deepali Batra, says that, remember what you say to yourself, will make you how you think about yourself. Tell yourself that in a difficult situation that “I can cope up”, I can try”, I have the capability to face difficult situations”, I can handle my emotions, “Its ok, if I didn’t succeed, I still learned alot” etc.

Your body language shapes how you see yourself

improve confidence by best clinical psychologist in delhi
Positive Body Language

Our body language shows our self-confidence. One thing that comes under your body-language is smile. When you smile you appear confident and more approachable to people. Your postures reflect your self-confidence Sit or stand straight with your head up. Practice it often, till it becomes a part of you. Maintain eye-contact while talking or listening to people around you.

Engage in physical activity and exercise

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Physical Exercise

Physical exercises help in lifting mood of the person and build strength. Exercise has a great impact on a person’s physical and mental health. Physical activity helps a person to become motivated to perform and see self in a positive light.

Therapy from a trained Psychologist improves self confidence. Psychologists work on various aspects of an individual like personality traits, environment etc and facilitate the client to engage in healthy self-introspection. This leads to self-awareness, which in turn helps clients to see self, people and situations from a broader and objective perspective.

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