9 Best Ways You Can Handle Emotional Pain

Handling emotional pain is a difficult task. We all go through emotional pain. But it needs to be addressed and worked on. During COVID-19 people have been going through tremendous difficult and tough phase. Emotional pain can be there for various reasons like loss of a loved one, trauma, stress, difficult relationships, problem in career etc. So as all of us are different, so are various factors behind our emotional pain. Developing healthy coping skills is essential for handling emotional pain.

Avoiding and hiding emotional pain is an unhealthy practice, as if its left without working on it then it comes back again and again. Negative emotions have to be dealt with or they come back again and again representing them in the form of physical symptoms like sleep disturbance, palpitations, headache etc.

Following are certain ways to deal with emotional pain:

1. Write a Diary:

Journal writing useful for healing process

Writing about pain that you are going will help you release pent up emotions. It will assist you to express your feelings which in turn will help you I the healing process. Writing helps in understanding thoughts and feelings. Expression helps in knowing self and feelings that one is going through.

2. Try to be creative & distract

try exploring your creativity

Any interest that you have whether it’s writing, dancing, painting, etc any activity that is of your interest. I understand that you may find it difficult to do it, but gradually you will start feeling better. It will help you to get freedom and distraction from negative emotions. Beig creative will further allow you to express emotions.

3. Practice Self-Reflection


Try to re-think and re-look at the situation. What you could have done differently and reflect on how you can improve in similar situations in future. See what can control in a situation and what you cannot. This will help you to have a positive view towards future.

4. Practice Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises help in recovery process

You can do simple deep-breathing exercise. Where you breathe in slowly and slowly, hold it for few seconds and then release it slowly and slowly. This will help you calm your mind and body.

5. Be present with your emotions

As distraction is important, so is sitting with your emotions and experiencing the. We need to be aware of how we are feeling and not dismiss or hide it. We need to be expressive to ourselves about our emotions, as this will take us towards healing.

6. Try identifying negative thinking patterns

Replace unhealthy thinking with healthy thoughts

Try to identify the rumination process. The meaning that you give to the situation plays an important role in severity of emotional pain. For eg, if you tell yourself “I can’t come out of it” again and again then this will increase your pain. Try healthy self-talk to reframe your thinking pattern. For example telling yourself “I will try to come out of this”, “I believe myself” etc.

7. Reach out for social support

friends & family are your true strengths

Speaking to someone helps in outlet. Try sharing your feelings with someone, who you feel understands you.

8. Physical activity

Exercise improves the impact of stress on mind & body

Move yourself. When a person goes through emotional pain, he gets stuck. So going for a walk or doing exercise help to come out of negative emotion. Engaging in regular physical activity helps mind and body to recover from negative impact o stress.

9. Move Forward

I understand that it’s difficult to come out of pain and that it takes time to heal. But at the same time planning and setting goals for future is important. Take small steps, it will take time as you may be loaded with feelings. Restarting and planning can give you hope about future.

Do not underestimate your power to handle emotional pain. Everyone has their own pace of recovery. It’s challenging to deal with difficult and painful emotions, so do not give up. Engage in self- care and believe in yourself. Engage in activities, relaxation exercises and improve your coping to pain by engaging in healthy thinking patterns.

“Believe me this is a temporary phase and you will get through this”

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