Other Services

Other Services

With me a team of Psychiatrist, Psychologist in delhi, counselors and special educators provide a wide range of services from positive psychology to abnormal psychology. in delhi


IQ/achievement tests , Neuropsychological, Personality , Psychological, Aptitude and Interest , employment and all sorts of paper-pencil and Computerized tests are conducted by trained & experienced psychologist

Marital Counselor in Delhi


From school based workshops to parent to corporate workshops , our team is constantly helping people to be having a batter understanding of positive psychology. Workshops are conducted by Clinical Psychologist.


Our commitment is not just limited to assess the special needs, we help the clients to be on the path of recovery. We assist to claim the provisions friendly to people with disabilities.

Positive psychology

A constant approach through psycho-education and workshops we keep on insisting the application of Positive and Practical Psychology to enhance the lives of people.


From wide range of relaxation methods to Bio Feedback to counseling to psychotherapies to psycho-pharmacology, we can boast about the possible options of treatment for the people having mental health issues.

Training & Education

Professional growth of young psychologist and other health service providers through imparting and offering Internships and Hand on workshops on assessments and interventions is provided.