Have you lost Respect in a relation

Conflict is a part of relationships. There may be various reasons of conflict in a relationship, but most of the issues in a relationship come down to lack of respect in a relationship. Lack of respect in a relationship can lead to conflicts, painful feelings and it can even damage the relationship to a point where a couple decides to end the relationship.

So, it becomes important to know the signs that indicate lack of respect in a relationship:

Not giving personal space to your partner:

Many people complain that their partner wants to direct who or how they should talk to or not, what they should wear, how they should spend time etc. The person then feels controlled by other person in most of the aspects of life. The person starts thinking that he/she has no right for personal space in the relationship.

Not giving Privacy:

Everyone has a right to maintain privacy and it’s necessary to respect your partner’s privacy. Many people check their partner’s messages, phones, emails, social media accounts etc, without their partners consent. Relationships need some boundaries and crossing the boundary of privacy also signifies lack of respect.

Poor Listening:

While your partner is expressing his or her opinion, views on anything do you listen while paying complete attention. Most of the couples complain that they feel unheard. When they are saying something they feel that they are not paid attention to or that their partner behaves as if he/she doesn’t care. Healthy communication is a key to healthy relationship. So do you listen to react or do you listen to understand.

Undervaluing achievements & success of your partner:

Everyone has their own strengths and abilities. People are not equal when it comes to drive for success. There are relationships where one partner doesn’t support another partner n his/her achievement. There is a constant comparison and a need to prove that “I am better than you” in some couples. At times because of the inequality in traits one of the partner’s becomes envious and then becomes too vocal about it. This leads to the communication becoming unhealthy and disrespectful.

Verbal abuse:

There is a difference between humor & abuse. There are couples who would verbally abuse each other in a humorous manner. But there is a boundary. When a partner crosses the limit where the conversation is about personally attacking your partner either by verbal abuse, criticism or by using negative adjectives it leads to destruction of a relationship. Verbal abuse doesn’t only hurt; it is also a sign of disrespect in a relationship.

Making your partner feel awkward in public:

It’s very common that when one of the partner’s is unable to handle their emotions, they lose control in public. So, shaming and criticizing the partner publicly is a common situation many people witness. When one of the partners has poor impulse control he/she would not realize that he is screaming or abusing his partner in front of others, which makes the partner feeling embarrassed & disrespected.

Bad remarks about your partner:

When someone is disturbed in his/her relationship, then there is a urge to talk about it to other people who are close. Till the time you are venting out your feelings its fine, but saying bad things about the partner is damaging for the relationship. If the listener is not a neutral person he will form a negative opinion about your partner.

Disrespect talks about your partner’s family:

No one can listen anything against their parents. And if there is negative talk about the partner’s family in front of other people it creates a negative environment and further worsens the relationship.

Lacking Reciprocal Response:

Relationships need a reciprocal response. There will be times when one partner would be more giving than the other partner. There needs to be a balance in give & take when it comes to affection, needs, love, responsibility, support etc. Lack of adequate balance may make one of the persons feel rejected and left out in turn brining a feeling of being disrespected.

Disrespecting dreams and desires of your partner:

Even if people get into relationships, they have a life of their own where they plan their career and want to fulfil their dreams. People want their partner to understand and support their dreams. Complete disregard of partner’s dreams & plans brings in a feeling of disregard. In a relationship it is necessary that both partners understand and respect each other’s needs.

Some partners have a tendency to see things from only their perspective. Many times partner’s see things from only their perspective and disregards their partner’s view.

Having an insight about signs of disrespect in a relationship can help couples identify the kind of mistakes they do in a relationship which make their partner feel disrespected.

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