10 Tips on How to Improve Quality of Life During Lockdown

Isolation and lockdown

A time in everyone’s life that no one had ever thought of even in their dreams. Life is really unpredictable & uncertain. It can show us pages that we are not even prepared for. Because of coronavirus lockdown there has been significant impact on quality of life of people. People are disturb, confused and feeling uncertain. Some are away from their family, some are worried about sudden change in their routine, some about future, career and lot many things. Handling lockdown has become a challenge for people. People need to adapt healthy coping techniques to deal with change in their life during lockdown.

Everyone has been encourage to maintain social distancing, being social individuals, it becomes tough for people to accept that emotionally. So when people are unable to meet physically they get glued to social media and are looking forward for any new update regarding COVID-19 lockdown, this increases anxiety. We spread any new information that comes to us, without verifying whether it’s a fact or not and as a result unintentionally induce fear among each other. Our old parents become more afraid and in turn feel low because of new information.  

Social distance and lockdown

But what’s important here is how we survive this tough time of lockdown.

Family in lockdown due to corona

This is a time when collective effort needs to be taken to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. Following are some of the tips by Sr, Clinical Psychologist in Delhi Ms. Deepali Batra, on how to handle lockdown and improve your quality of life during lockdown:

1. Be on the same page during during Lockdown

All family members need to sit and talk about the challenges during this time. Strengths of each individual and how each individual can contribute during this time. Discussions can be around concerns related to being at home. While discussing the family members need to understand that the way they use language plays a significant role in finding effective solutions. 

2. Discussing Facts:

Empathize with each other and understand perspectives of each other. At the same time remember that there is a difference between fact and opinion. Encourage your family members to focus on information only from reliable sources, this will help you in reducing anxiety and fears.

3. Set up a Routine will play a significant role in improving your quality of life

As per Ms. Deepali, Clinical Psychologist if we follow a schedule, so that you have a psychological feeling of life having a structure. Take shower, get ready, have a structure, read stories to each other, cook together, prepare worksheets for your children, engage in activities together, limit screen time for all family members.

 4. Be Physically active:

Physical movement and activity is a positive source of lifting mood. Take short walks in your home or roof. Do some exercise, pick up and arrange things, use stairs etc.

5. Be Creative :

Think about creative things that you can engage in as a family together.

6. Give Space to each other:

Allow for a me time to each family member. Respecting personal space of each family member is important.

7. Reciprocate social support:

Talk to your friends and relatives and ask about their well-being and tell them to be safe and keep patience and calm. Staying in touch with people will make you feel socially connected to people and make you feel better about your life.

8. Take proper balanced diet:

People are engaging stress eating. Eat food at regular intervals. Avoid eating unhealthy food to comfort yourself. Engage in health promoting behaviours by eating healthy and nutritious food.

 9. Impact of your behavior on others:

Think and reflect the impact of your behavior on others. Avoid travelling or going out without any reason, Understand your responsibility towards your family and society at large. 

10. Live in the present moment.

 Instead of thinking repeatedly about what bad happen can happen in near future. Live in here and now. Practice mindfulness and relaxation exercises to help yourself.

Being there for each other in a healthy and logical manner will promote every ones well being and improve quality of life people.

Deepali Batra Sr. Clinical Psychologist and Marriage Counselor giving tips on How to have quality time during lockdown

9 thoughts on “10 Tips on How to Improve Quality of Life During Lockdown”

  1. Lockdown period is quite difficult for those who are extrovert type. So, I think all the above mentioned things can engage each and every person. I spend this lockdown period while doing household works by engaging myself in cooking, writing poems on stress, anxiety and fear…Try to make myself so strong by writing down my good works which I plan for my future career and life…… and am so happy and positive because I have confidence in myself that one day we all the world stay away from this COVID19…

  2. . Spending quality time with your parents and children.
    . Engage fully yourself in your hobbies.
    . Listen and enjoy the peaceful music .
    . Spending time on watching cartoons 😁it definitely refresh you with your childhood memories.
    . Write poems on those topics which gives you peace like love, optimising, hope, wellbeing
    happiness , resilience etc..
    .watch your favourite movies which gives you positive hope and relaxing your self.
    . Do experimentation with your inner willpower.
    .Try to build your confidence by remember your difficult and past success period.
    . Faith in yourself and take healthy diet.
    . Avoid overthinking.
    .follow healthy activities like maintaining distance from others.
    .Handwash properly with sanitizer etc.
    . Prepare yourself for all the negative challenges and take care your self and surroundings.

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