When to consider marriage and family counseling

13 reasons :When to consider marriage and family counseling at first go to save your marriage.

When to consider marriage and family counseling

Do i really need a marriage and family counseling? This is a big question. But, this question arises when you have answers of further questions.

Are you in committed relationship? Are you getting married or married already? Did you ever feel you want some help to make your relationship or marriage stronger and healthy? Did you ever feel that the spark in your marital life is effecting? Or you are going to be married soon and you have nervousness too? Here are few signs that you need a marriage or relationship counselling.

Marriage and family counseling for Communication gap:

This occurs in a relationship when couples get short on topics, avoid conversation, and start making assumptions. Couples are in talking terms but end up to negative conversations such as tone, words-selection which make a partner feel judged, insecure, disregarded, and shamed. Your therapist can help you to inculcate better ways of communication.

Hiding things from your partner:

It’s important to maintain your own privacy and space in a relationship. But when you start keeping secrets and lie with your partner too much this may hinder in your relationship.

Spending increased time on social media-

For some couples use of social media isn’t an issue but overuse and all the time clinging on social media apps and you may not acknowledge the presence of your partner.

When priorities change: Marriage and family counseling

Every person has set their priority list and priorities do change over a period of time in a relationship but if any of the partner changed their priorities and that is creating trouble in a relationship, then there is a need to seek help.

Mismanagement of finances:

Keeping track of your needs and spending is very necessary with your partner for a healthy relation. If your partner is reluctant to discuss your monthly bills and savings then your therapist can help you out in resolving the conflict.

Lack of intimacy: 

Intimacy will taper off over a period of time and is very usual. Significant changes in your emotional and sexual life, whether the frequency has been disturbed or decreased might be an indicator to see a therapist.

Increased complaining: Attend marriage and family counseling

When your communication always stuck on complaining about each other and picking up flaws. This is the time where you should seek professional help.

When you put all your efforts in changing your partner:

Accepting your partner the way he/she is the starting point of any relation and all you are doing is keep trying and put your efforts in changing your partner’s behaviour and patterns.

Contemplating –

When you start having interest in someone else, and you desire something which you may feel is missing out in your relation or marriage is a signal that you should consult a counsellor for marriage and family counseling.

Balance sheet of expectations is missing out:

Having expectations in a relationship is quite natural but expressing your partner what you want or thinking about is how you create the balance sheet of expectations. If you feel so that you and your partner are not on the same page seek help from a therapist.

When cycle of responsibilities is not shared:

Either you are married or in a committed relationship, a responsibility plays an important part. Thinking and making assumptions about each other’s responsibilities instead of participating and sharing your responsibilities equally. A marriage and relationship counselling session can help you to identify the problems.

Being on different sides: Go for marriage and family counseling

Being in relationship, couples are like a team and when you acting as adversaries, both of you become opposite poles. If you feel the same its time to seek help.

Pre-Marital Counselling:

If you are getting married and having lot of questions in your mind with nervousness and want to create a healthy beginning then you should consult a professional.

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