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Ms. Deepali Batra is a qualified, trained and experienced Clinical and Child Psychologist, Psychotherapist, marriage counselor & Corporate Trainer. She is registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She has been felicitated with Best Performance in School Psychology Award in the year 2014 by Indian School Psychology Association and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Award in the year 2018 by Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist (IACP) .  

She has persuaded her academics in Clinical Psychology from the prestigious Delhi University. Her Clinical Training in form of M.Phil in Medical and Social Psychology is from internationally acknowledged Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, where her research work in ‘Life Events’ was highly appreciated. 

She specializes in dealing with psychological, emotional, behavioral, and relational problems. She has expertise in dealing with psychological and psychiatric disorders in children, adults and elderly population

She is well trained in various psychological therapies like Cognitive Therapy, Behaviour therapy, Relaxation Therapy; Stress Management and Counselling for various crisis. She is handling child behavioural problems often in Child Guidance Clinic.  

She has experience of more than 15 years in field of Psychology and has gained constant research and clinical inputs from various national and international fame Institutes as NIMHANS Bangalore, IHBAS New Delhi, CIP Ranchi, Lady Harding Medical College (LHMC) New Delhi and AIIMS New Delhi.  

Her articles on various psychological issues have got published in the national dailies such as Times of IndiaHindustan TimesThe Asian AgeDeccan Chronicle, etc and various magazines such as Times WellnessSpandan, Vanita, etc. In several shows of National TV channels as Zee TVSahara SamayNDTVE TVLive IndiaFocus TV, she has been invited as Expert Speakers.

She helps in conducting pre employment psychometric assessments, conflict resolution, stress management, work-life balance. Counselled students of  Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) etc. She is a life time member of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist (IACP). 

Feedback & Reviews

“I would like to thank all those clients who  came forward and followed the Counseling schedule to make us a Winning Combo. A glimpse of feedback is here “

“My neurologist and psychiatrist asked me to see her. Her pattern of treatment are so good that over the time I would not need any medicine. Great. Best marriage counselor  in Delhi .”

Ravinder Singh

“She is one of the best clinical psychologist and marriage counselor. You can totally invest your money here! She’s super friendly and understanding. You won’t feel as if you’re wasting your time coming here,trust me when I say this.Also she’s a very loving person herself! I would surely recommend her! Lovely staff.”

Mannat Gandhi

“If you are searching for best Clinical Psychologist & Marriage  Counselor in Delhi visit Ms Deepali Batra she is one of the best or i would say top psychologist all over India. She will listen to your problems and will counsel you as a family member.”


As a therapist  and counselor my duty and function is to listen, respect, understand and facilitate better functioning between  the partners.

I Provide a confidential dialogue, which normalizes feelings and enable each person to be heard and to hear themselves

I Provide a mirror with expertise to reflect the relationship’s difficulties and the potential and direction for change. I Empower the relationship to take control of its own destiny and make vital decisions.



I Provide a mirror with expertise to reflect the relationship’s difficulties and the potential and direction for change. I Empower the relationship to take control of its own destiny and make vital decisions.



You need to see a Therapist if as a couple

When you aren’t talking

When you’re talking, but it’s always negative

When affection is withheld as punishment

When you see your partner as an antagonist

When you keep secrets

When you contemplate (or are having) an affair

When you are financially unfaithful.

When you’re living separate lives.

When your sex life has shifted significantly

When you argue over the same little things over and over again

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