Couples You Can Follow These Simple Tips To Improve Your Relationship During Lockdown

Coronavirus spread has increased and everyone is making sure to take precautions. As a precaution people have been asked to stay at home or work from home as a safety measure. As per research by relationship counselors when couples spend more time with each other, they have a high probability of getting into conflicts. 

They may start becoming too corrective, critical of each other’s way of handing house hold chores. Couples during this time may also start talking out pent up emotions related to past events with each other. Couples may have impact on their relationship during this time. Couples can also take this time as an opportunity to work on their relationship and enhance their bonding with each other.

As per Ms. Deepali Batra, Clinical Psychologist and Marriage Counselor in Delhi here are few do’s and don’t for the couples when they are at home:

Relationship Do’s:

• Share household chores

• Play board games

• Read/Paint together

• Cook and try new recipes together 

• Change the interior of your home 

• Make love /have sex

• Develop new skills and engage in hobbies

• Generate self-care time  

• Indulge in more healthy communication 

• Plant a tree together in your balcony 

• Netflix, Amazon prime or Hotstar together

 • Go to memory lane by looking old albums  

• Workout together

• Deep-Breathing

• Acknowledging efforts of each other

• Play with your children

Relationship Don’ts

• do not talk about past bitter experiences

• Avoid over correction/Criticism

• Avoid over-use of social-media

• Do not pick small issues at home

• Don’t abuse or hit

• Avoid discussions when it becomes uncomfortable for any one of you

• Avoid dating sights 

• Don’t avoid taking proper sleep

• Don’t panic and avoid creating fear in your family

• Don’t fight

“create quarantine time into a quality time”

Ms. Jagriti Tandon, Sr. Psychologist at PALS

Ms. Deepali Batra, Marriage Counselor in Delhi further adds that though it is understandable that this is a tough time for couples. The above mentioned suggestions will not only help couples survive the lockdown but will also help you introduce adventure and excitement in your relationship with each other. Keep Patience and tell yourself that “this too shall pass”.

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