I see a Psychologist: 12 Essential Points For Positive Outcome.

Psychologists are trained and experienced mental health professionals who help an individual to deal with psychological problems, serious mental disorders and to bring positive lifestyle changes. The services of Psychologists are incredibly useful to improve quality of life of an individual.

Why Should I see a Psychologist: 12 Points To Ponder

The number of people suffering from psychological disorders, like anxiety, depression, sleep disorder etc has increased. Most people who go to a Psychologist do not have serious mental disorders; instead there are people who go through serious life challenges like divorce, job loss, work-stress, parenting, career confusions etc.

All these have significant impact on an individual’s stress coping, well-being and functioning. Still people avoid going to a Psychologist because they feel stigma. They think that going to a Psychologist would mean that they are “mad” or “mentally unstable”. There are a large proportion of people in society who think that going to a Psychologist is not normal. But once people understand that our mental health is as important as physical health then they would be open to visit a Psychologist.


Clinical Psychologists have a significant role in assessing, diagnosing and treating the psychological, emotional and behavioural problems. They help their clients to understand and identify dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours. Psychologists also help the clients to adopt healthy and productive techniques in order to achieve their goals. Psychologists see the clients objectively and have a neutral & non-judgemental approach while dealing with their clients.

Understanding & accepting self:

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Many people who visit a Psychologist may have blocks in the area of self-confidence & self-esteem and want to improve their knowledge about themselves and their lives.

Dealing with Mental Disorders:

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They have specialized therapeutic skills to assess and treat serious mental health problems. Research shows that the combination of Psycho-pharmacology & Psychotherapy brings exceptional results.  In a Clinical setting, there are Clinical Psychologist who help people to improve anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms etc.

Improving Physical Health:

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experiencing Psychological problems like anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc. may have an impact on a person’s physical health. Psychologists help clients to use healthy coping techniques to deal with physical diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, IBS, Pain etc.

Ventilation of Feelings:

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You can visit a Psychologist to vent out your pent up emotions. Psychologists are trained to keep confidentiality and they do not judge their clients for the information that they are sharing.

Making your Marriage Work:

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After few years of a marriage people report boredom and monotony. Couple counseling helps to improve communication pattern and help the couples to bring back love and excitement in the relationship.

Parenting Skills:

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Therapy can teach you effective ways of parenting and building strong bond with your child.

Thriving in Your Career:

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People want to achieve their goals and dreams in their life. Psychologist helps them identify their strengths and skills that they need to improve. Therapists help them assess that what is holding a person back. Is it your fears, anxieties, conflicts, confidence, etc that stops you from excelling in your career.

Substance Dependence:

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Psychologists deal with people who are dependent on various substances like alcohol, tobacco, etc. They use therapeutic techniques to help a person improve his or her dependence on different substances.

Life-Style Changes:

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Healthy lifestyle improves the quality of life. A Counselor and Therapist help people understand the significance of making healthy life style changes like sleep hygiene, healthy diet, and physical activity. So they use therapy to help people assess and identify what stops them from adopting a healthy life style.

Positive Psychology:

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It helps people to recognize the true purpose of disruption and to see it in a new perspective. Therapists expensively work in this area where they use skills & techniques to facilitate people see life with a new perspective.

Negative Thinking Pattern:

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A Mental Health professional helps their clients understand and identify illogical thinking and then challenge their thinking and learn to reframe their thinking by engaging in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Letting Go and Forgiving:

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We all are social animals. Our social relationships play a vital role in our well being. Relationships are bound to have conflicts. How to have healthy relationships is a common question that most people have. Therapy helps to learn skills of letting go and inculcate a forgiving approach for your own peace.

Visiting a Mental Health Professional is completely normal. This experience is valuable and can be a life changing experience.

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  1. It’s great that you said a psychologist can help learn effective parenting ways so I can build a stronger bond with my children. Ever since I became a widow, I have been struggling with being a single mom to three young children. I even think that I’m slowly succumbing to depression, so perhaps it would be wise to take therapy sessions with a reputable psychologist. Thanks for this!

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