Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

Why online Counseling is the desperate need of the hour during lockdown 2020?

Online counseling on the Rise

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

According to the WHO, one in four people in the world will be affected by mental health issues at some point in their lives.

In contract to face to face sessions, in online therapy the sessions are taken through video media to communicate and support the client to overcome difficult and touch challenges in their life.

During lockdown there has been a rise in cases of anxiety, depression, child-behavioural issues, conflicts in marriage, family disputes, disturb sleeping and eating patterns, career related problems, financial concerns etc. As people are 24/7 together, with a disturbed schedule during the day and night. People are over-loaded with information and are significantly concerned about the health and security of their near and dear ones. People are not used to sitting at home, so as the duration of lockdown is increasing it is creating a sense of uncertainty, fear and loss freedom inside them.

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

At this time it becomes all the more important for people to seek help from mental health professionals like clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Online counseling has become a lifeline for people during COVID-19 Lockdown. People were initially not exploring the virtual mode of therapy, but with lockdown continuing, there has been a rise in people exploring this aspect of psychological intervention. Clients who were already in therapy may feel more secure and safe when use online therapy, to continue their intervention. People are searching counseling online, which in itself indicates that the stress and anxiety has increased over the past few weeks.

Online therapies are of great support during this time as it can help people are at home and suffering, so it easily to access, convenient and flexible.

Following are the clients who can plan for online therapy:

 COVID-19 Anxiety & Depression:

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

Online therapy can be extremely useful for people who are feeling symptoms of anxiety & depression during COVID-19 Lockdown. Timely intervention can play a significant role in alleviating it.

Already in Counseling before the lockdown:

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

People who were already under the treatment of Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist can continue their treatment though online counseling. This would help them to continue their follow-ups and prevent relapse. Clients who were already in therapy may feel more secure and safe when use online therapy, to continue their intervention.

Teenagers & youngsters:

Online counseling during this time is essential for children and adolescents as they are going through a lot of emotions and fear of failure during this time. As they are more comfortable with internet, so they may be more open for online counseling.

Online Therapy for Marital Discord:

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

 Online therapy can prove to be really effective for Couples who were undergoing separation or were taking marriage counseling before the lockdown. Lately during the lockdown, due to being together for whole day and night there has been increase in the cases of conflict among couples, as they have become too critical towards each other and are discussing past negative events, online couple therapy can help them understand healthy ways of communication. Online therapy can also be a boon also for couples who wish to have a stronger bond with each other.

Make Parenting easy through Online Counseling :

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

During Lockdown parents are juggling between household work, office work, and online classes of their children. At this time when there is chaos at home, Virtual therapy can help understand how to balance between professional and personal life. These sessions can be joint sessions for parents to learn and understand healthy behavioral techniques to handle their children.

Avoiding therapy due to stigma:

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

This time can be utilized for self-growth & recovery. In case you have been suffering from some issue and have avoided visit to a Psychologist, then use this time for self-recovery and self-reflection.

Chronic illness& physical disabilities:

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

Online counseling can be really useful for people who are suffering from chronic physical diseases and disabilities and are not able to visit their doctors due to lockdown. Being away from one’s doctor leads to fear, anxiety and insecurity. Supportive therapy through online mode can be really helpful for the patients to express and vent out their feelings.

Positive Psychology:

Online counseling by best psychologist in Delhi

It’s very well relevant for people who do not have severe mental disorders.  Positive psychology techniques have been found to be useful to help and guide people to improve their psychological and emotional well-being. This time can be used to understand the skills to practice positive psychology measures though online counseling and psychotherapy.

Mental Disorders:

As per research people suffering from mental disorders benefit a lot with team approach of a Psychiatrist and a Clinical Psychologist. It is recommended that people suffering from psychiatric or psychological problems remain in touch and continue their follow-ups with their doctors through online therapy or telemedicine, if they are not able to visit the doctor face to face.

 Search for a qualified, trained, experienced mental health professional and approach as soon as possible.

Early identification, leads to early intervention which in turns leads to early improvement”. This approach will bring more positivity improve your quality of life and subjective well-being.

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